Chinese antique furniture and well-designed accessories complement any design theme. Whether your style is American Classic, French Country, Modern Contemporary, Southwest Rustic, Italian Opulent or International Eclectic, there is a piece that will bring your whole room together. In addition to decor enhancement, they are also interesting topics of conversation.

To live with a rare piece of antique with such intricate design, great versatility, superior hand craftsmanship, brilliant color, mellow patina and serene presence is to live with history, art, humanity and the great passion that is to create something extraordinary with bare hands. 

Photos courtesy of Elle Decor, Architectural Digest, Metropolitan Home, Traditional Home, Western Interiors magazines.
northern menhu chest, shan xi
whole root tree buckets, official's chairs, shan xi
northern connection sideboard, shan xi
stacking chest cabinet, shan xi
single board altar, shanghai
painted prosperity cabinet, beijing
ning bo red lacquer desk, ningbo
incense table, shan xi
8 drawer table, shan dong
apothecary chest, an hui
beggar chairs, modern art, shan dong
summer bench, curved leg stool, shan xi
connection sideboard, shan xi
southern style screens, an hui

wine table, an hui
red lacquer gilded hand painted stacking cabinet, beijing
gilded screen, beijing
2 tier sidetable, shanghai
wedding cabinet, ningbo
zen tables, shanxi
white leather trunks, su zhou
basalt foodog stand, he bei
tansu, japan
black lacquer stacking chest cabinet
granite mill, shan xi.
painted drawing table, beijing
wedding cabinet, ning bo
black vinegar jar, shan xi
black lacquer princess chair, shan xi
giant leg coffee table, beijing
top lift blanket chest, shan xi
open light stool, shanghai
modern art, shanghai
ming style display shelf, shanghai
ice cracklebamboo coffee table, shanghai
3 tier wedding basket, ning bo
kang table, shan xi
basalt door guard, he bei
round leg square table, an hui
kung fu bench, shan dong
red book cabinet, shan xi
granite planter, yun nan
scroll table, shanghai
apothecary cabinet, shan xi
marble foo dog, guan yin, yun nan
horse shoe chairs, an hui
shutters, straight line cabinet, ningbo
natrual finish Buffet, Beijing. 
red leather trunk, shanghai
ming drawing table, su zhou